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No Guarantees

There are no guarantees in life. I was reminded of this fact yesterday when I received news that I will be getting laid off along with some of my fellow colleagues.  I can't say that I'm 100 percent shocked. However, even when you a hunch it's coming, it doesn't make hearing the news that much easier. It's hard. It hurts. It's devastating. During my drives to work I listen to WNPR 90.5 , my local NPR station. The news they report covers so many issues. There are stories I hear there that I know I won't hear anywhere else. Right now, I'm thinking about the stories that gave me a look into how our nation's economic crisis impacted families.  I heard stories from across the country where people shared their personal experiences about losing their jobs and the impact it had on there families. Some of the stories made me cry. Today I empathize that much more. It's not the first time I've been laid off. I've traveled this road before and

Emerging Women Series: An Interview with Joan Verlezza

I'm pleased to feature my interview with colleague, friend and author Joan Verlezza in this week's blog. Verlezza has been researching and collecting family anecdotes since childhood. She believes every family has stories worth telling. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages, and has worked in law and communications. Warming Up is her first novel. Q: Why did you write Warming Up ? Where did you get your motivation? A: A few years ago a friend told me someone broke into her uncle’s house and took a valuable harmonica. A few days later he thought he heard someone playing it in the neighborhood and was sure it was local kids who were responsible for the break-in. I thought it would be a great story and I tucked it away. When I sat down to write I asked myself the logical questions: What could an old man do about that? Who’s telling the story? Where does this all take place? Why would someone steal an old man’s harmonica and refuse to return it? I decided to place

Spokane Check In

Hello all, It has been raining for the last two days, but despite that fact, I've been enjoying my trip out here in Spokane. I should have been prepared for this weather, but some how I neglected to remember how much rain this region gets. COML Summer Students (June 3-6) Flying into the city was a breath taking experience. I highly recommend it if you have the chance to come out west. I'm actually looking forward to coming back to this area one day, because I haven't really had the opportunity to experience the city. I've spent the majority of my time on campus in classes and working on my group multimedia project. Gonzaga's campus is beautiful. Both staff and my fellow students have made this a memorial experience. Tonight, Gonzaga program staff hosted a dinner where I got to let loose and talk about subject matter not related to our course work. Boy, did that feel good. I also had the opportunity to visit the Zag's home court, the McCarthey Athletic