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Promoting Emerging Women Directors in Independent Film

When Kate Bigelow was the first woman to win an Oscar for best direction I was excited and felt that a chip was made in Hollywood's glass ceiling. but the reality is that women directors, producers, and screenwriters are still a scarce commodity in Hollywood. Less than 10 percent of films with a theatrical release were directed by women. In the report, The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women on the Top 250 Films of 2010 , Dr. Martha M. Lauzen, Ph.D found that, "In 2010, women comprised 16% of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors working on the top 250 domestic grossing films. This represents a decline of 1 percentage point from 1998 and is even with 2009 figures." I'm not writing this blog entry to be a "Debbie downer," it's a reality check. Besides, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the wonderful professional film organizations for women that  are committed to recogniz

Posts for a Purpose

Hello all, In the world of social media, it seems like a lot of people want to get out what's in their head and share it with the world. And while sharing is caring ( the Care Bear's slogan), sometimes people disseminate TMI, too much information. I  know we've all seen it in our facebook or twitter threads at some point and have thought to ourselves, should we unfriend this person. I want to change that dynamic for myself and post for a purpose. I feel like I've already begun that with my facebook and twitter accounts, but even I stray and may over share at times. Some of you've may have seen my fact of the day, online petitions, and numerous articles that reflect news that interests me.  In addition to these main posts I want my status updates to reflect a theme. I realize I can I can cut back on my own, "I'm going to workout," or "This is where I'm at," posts.  I may still write these status updates on occassion but my goal is to

Highlights from the 2011 Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival

Sunset 5 Theater, West Hollywood, CA. I flew out to Los Angeles on Friday, March 25, 2011. I was looking forward to sunny skies and warmer temperatures, unfortately that wasn't the case. I didn't get the sunny, Beach Boys California weather until my last day there. Instead I got rain and cloudy skies, but I guess it beat whatever was happening on the east coast. Luckily, I wasn't in town for the weather, I was there to attend the 2011 Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival. For those of you who neglected to read my last blog entry, the 2011 Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival is a non-profit 501c(3) organization established by Diana Means to empower women filmmakers to create diverse roles for women. Each year in March the festival showcases narratives, documentaries, animation and student short films. The festival’s programming reflects Diana’s commitment to educate and inform audiences of social political and health issues impacting wome