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Almost over

Hey Folks, Another Christmas bites the dust. Although my family and I don't really celebrate Christmas in the sense of honoring the birth of Jesus, we do look forward to spending the holiday season together. I had a low-key holiday celebration, this year I spent Christmas Eve with my cousins, who live in Waterbury and Christmas day was spent with my significant other. It was nice. I ate good, but not too much. Unfortunately, my mom and sis were both busy, Dawn is in California soaking up the sun and mom was at working making some extra $$$. I made sure I got in a nice leg and butt workout on Christmas eve. I have to get back into my fitness routine. The last couple of weeks I've been delinquent due to schoolwork and preparation for the reading of Finding Patience . I'm still in rewrites for the second reading. I printed out the script today, thinking it was done, and I still found typos and I duplicated scenes. Hot mess. I have to go through the script again, when I ge

Being Patient

Hello strangers, friends, and foes, This past Monday (12/17/07), I had my first ever staged reading of a script I wrote called Finding Patience. When I heard about the opportunity, I felt lucky, but when I heard the actors say the lines I wrote, I felt blessed and thought to myself "maybe I do have some skills". It finally sank in that I'm a screenwriter. I've been writing for a few years, but I wasn't really sure if I was hitting the marks I set for myself. I've been enrolled in an MFA writing program through Western Connecticut State University since spring semester of 2007. I still consider myself a mediocre writer, but I know there has been a noticible improvement in both my screenwriting and other forms of creative writing. Reading and writing, and more reading and writing are at the core of becoming a good writer, but when your skills or lack thereof are developed and fostered by individuals who believe in your ability to succeed, it makes all the di