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Another year older

On Sunday, June 22, 1978 I will be another year older. This year I'm celebrating the big 3-0. I remember being 16 and thinking it was light years away, but alas it's not, it's only 1.5 days away. The years have come and went and I look at myself and say, "Is this where I thought I was going to be." With gas prices pushing $4.50, and a recession looming, I consider myself blessed. I have a job, health benefits, a car to drive, and a roof over my head (even if I still live at home). There are many Americans who don't have these things. When I think about the disasterous rains and tornedos that have hit the mid-west, I realize many individuals from that region of the country have lost some of the things I just mentioned. Life can be so fragile and if we're not careful it can be gone in an instant. I don't know about you, but Tim Russert's death competely caught me off guard. None of us really ever know, do we? Am I where I thought I would be?

Verdict in: R. Kelley Not Guilty

Although I am not surprised, I still have to say I'm disgusted by the not-guilty verdict for R. Kelley. I hope that I'm never arrested, but if I am, it better only be for political reasons. If I wind up having to deal with our judicial system like many folks of color, my only hopes of staying free while charged and avoiding years of hard labor in lock up is having a bank account with zeros that seem to never end. It's no secret that money buys justice in the United States. R. Kelly was quoted as saying the following in Jennifer Vineyard's article, "Robert has said all along that he believes in the system, and he believes in God, and when the facts would be presented in court, he would be cleared," Kelly spokesman Allan Mayer said afterward. "He did not expect it to take six years. This has been a terrible ordeal for him and his family. He wants to move forward and put it behind him. He thanks his fans, and he thanks God. He'll have more to say very

Sold on Sex

Hello all, I'm sure most of you are sold on the idea of sex, if not for the enjoyment, probably for the continuation of the human race. However, I'm not talking about the act, at least not directly, I'm talking about the movie, Sex and the City . The film had hype over a year ago when it was announced that the hit HBO series would tie up all the loose ends with a film. I've have to admit I was a disbeliever, yeah, I loved the show, hell I envisioned my life being like the show after college (boy was I naive), but with the gossip of squabbles on the film set and a very long hiatus I didn't think it would hit. And I sure wasn't going to see it. I was wrong on both accounts. Yes, I did see Sex and the City this past opening weekend (with my mom and sister) and boy did it hit big. It hit 55 million dollars big, knocking Indian Jones to second place with a strong finish of 46 million dollars for it's second weekend. But like the industry analysts I under e