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Getting away for the Holiday Weekend

I know, I am long over due for an entry.  I needed a break. I still think I need more of break and then I remember that my time is limited and it is time for me to get myself back in gear. I hit a slump. It happens. I'm not sure what lead me to my recent slump, but I think it has to do with a feeling of stagnation. I haven't felt like my progress needle has been moving forward. I think I'm over this slumpy period. Last night, I finally worked on a script. It was a revision to a short I've revised at least 20 times, but since I've been reading John Truby's, The Anatomy of Story, I have a deeper appreciation for all the elements that go into making a good story. Writing is simple, but writing good can be complicated, especially if you miss a beat. I feel like some of my stories have missed the beat and then they miss the mark. It felt good to look at my dialogue and analyze my characters actions and motivations. I ended up cutting back on some of my character