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Greetings from Panama

Hola... I mean hello...actually I mean both, To be honest I wish I could type this blog entry in Spanish. I'm enjoying the honeymoon that much. I attended my blog entry to be a rant about how unhappy I was that Bridal Trousseau did none of the alternations on-time and that I had to get my dress the day before the ceremony, but due to all the stuff that I needed to get done last minute, I never got to that entry. Right now, none of that matters. Map of Panama Today is my third day on the beautifully picturesque island of Panama. For the first couple of days Karim and I did nada. I needed to rest and recuperate. The day after the wedding I began to lose my voice and as I boarded the plane at Logan airport, I was as squeaky as Mickey Mouse, just not as cute. I'm proud to report that Mucinex, green tea, Ricola, and Allegra-D have helped me recover. I am at about 85 percent, I almost sound like my old self. Karim and I visited the Panama Canal and got a personal tour of the

Intolerance: My Emerging Issue

Hello all, Today's entry isn't going to be about screenwriting or film making. I'm going to tackle a different subject today. Lately, I've been disturbed by the media coverage of the Islamic community center near Ground Zero. I know this may seem like old news, especially with the media now focused on pastor Terry Jones, who plans to burn Korans on the anniversary of 911. While these two stories are separate issues, I don't believe the fact that these events are happening a few weeks a part is an accident. If you've checked out my facebook page, you know where I stand on the issue of the Islamic community center, but just in case you aren't on facebook, I support the building of the center. One of the reasons I support it is because it's for everyone, people of all religions will be welcomed and even those who atheist and agnostic. Opponents of the mosque have made the argument that this building disrespects the memories of those who have perished in