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12 Weeks and Counting Since Billy Joined My Family

Billy takes in the view at a lake. It's hard to believe that today marks 12 weeks since Karim and I adopted our beloved Billy. For the longest time I pushed back on getting a dog. Karim was ready two years ago. I on the other hand thought about the cost of food, having to clean up after a dog or waking up bright and early to walk the dog.  How things have changed. I do all of the above and while the cleaning up after him is a daily occurrence, I don't mind it as much as I thought I would or the a.m. walks. Walking him in the morning helps to wake me up and get myself acclimated to what's ahead in my day. I'm no fan of winter and realize my attitude may slightly shift when the cold temperatures arrive. However, whether its rain, sleet or snow, Billy is a joy to be around. Chilling on Grandma's deck. This is going to sound a bit cheeky, but it was love at first sniff.  I didn't anticipate falling for him so quickly. Karim and I met him at Our Compani