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Hey folks, I haven't forgot about my blog on my weekend in Pennyslvania. I will get that up, hopefully sometime next week. Take care. am

Ladies Where We Are?

Today I was listening to NPR like I usually do. It has become a part of my routine since Howard Stern left for Sirius. I do miss his show, but I'm not looking back, because I get news stories that I would never hear on mainstream media and for me that's a blessing. I sigh with relief every morning I turn my home or car radio to 90.5 fm WNPR . This week the media has given plenty of attention to political banter going back and forth between McCain and Obama , they're setting them up to be the two presidential candidates come November. Although I'm an Obama support, I won't count Hillary out, not yet. We'll all know next Wednesday after the next set of primary competitions in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont. Today, one of the stories on NPR featured interviews from McCain and Obama supporters gearing up for the primary elections in Texas. The comments from the Obama supporters invoked the change theme that has been crucial to his campaign theme. The

On My Mind

Hey Folks, I apologize for the lag in time since my last posting. I've been pretty busy with course work for my MFA program, my nine to five, my volunteer work with New Haven's VITA/EITC, and life in general. Surprisingly I've been keeping pace with my courseload, but it is so easy for me to get off track. An example would be this past Friday night, instead of moving forward with a scene in Finding Patience, getting engrossed with writing excerpts from classmates, or trudging through a book on public relations theory, I decide to watch HBO'S, The Wire. It's my favorite show on T.V. right now. I'm disappointed that it won't be back for another season. For those of you who haven't seen it, I highly recommend viewing the previous seasons. I don't think you'll be dissappointed. The writing is solid, the stories are gripping and the cast makes you feel like you're right in the thick of things. Despite all the good I can say about the show, I ha

Super Tuesday

Hey Folks, Before I went to the gym and got my exercise on, I went to vote. It felt great! This was my first vote as a democrat. I never thought I'd see the day when I would switch from unaffliated to Democrat, but this primary is just too important. This is the first time I've really been inspired by a candidate. Barack Obama may not be as poised as Hillary in public speaking or have her D.C. connections, but his energy is captivating and it's a difference that's making a difference in his campaign. He's new, fresh and reaching out to my generation like no other presidential candidate out there. This really is history in the making. I'm really trying to be involved and get others involved or at least have people I know start to pay attention to the issues. Yesterday I emailed my contact list reminding them to vote, regardless of their party affliation. I also posted a video with and other celebrities supporting Obama on my Facebook page. Feel free