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Emerging Women in Film Series: Deborah Correa

 Official poster of Little Black Dress The next profile in my Emerging Women in Film Series features Deborah Correa. She secured a deal where she sold her short film, Little Black Dress to IndieFlix , a website that showcases independent features. Viewers are able to buy DVDs or rent streaming films to support the work of indie filmmakers. Today is Deborah's official launch date with IndieFlix and I'm excited to share my interview of her with you all. Kudos to Deborah.           Bio: Deborah Correa graduated from Emerson College with a B.F.A. in Writing and Film, where she produced a short documentary about Colombia.  This Little Old Town was sold and premiered on PBS’ FRONTLINE/ World.  Since graduating, she’s worked on PBS documentaries. Deborah was also accepted, out of hundreds, to participate in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, where she directed Little Black Dress , which premiered at the LA Shorts Fest and was recently sold to IndieFlix. Deborah is

My Big D

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. --Jim Rohn Last night, I did something that was long over due. I read a script. You are probably thinking I probably read scripts all the time, after all I am a screenwriter. And while my goal was to read a minimum of a script a week since we rang in 2011, I wasn't following through with the task. I was reading a script about every 6 weeks, if that. I'm happy to report I'm ready to change this pattern. I had the pleasure of reading Auntie by Deirdre Patterson. Deirdre is a fellow screenwriter in the Connecticut Screenwriters group that meets on the last Wednesday of each month at the West Hartford Public Library.  Auntie , her feature length script was a top 10 finalist in the 2010 Emerging Screenwriters Competition . Before I got to the script I was busy doing my usual tasks like cooking lunch for the next day and then getting myself ready for work. These tasks tend to derail me and by the time it's tim

Emerging Women in Film Profile Series: Patty Richardson

I'm really excited about this entry. This is my first profile in a series I will post for the remainder of 2012. I'm looking forward to highlighting, sharing, and promoting the work of emerging women screenwriters, directors, and producers. My hope is that this blog not only acknowledges the hard work of the women I profile, but will also inform readers of the challenges women in film face and despite these challenges the women in this series continue to strive to achieve their goals and pursue their dream. Today's profile features screenwriter/director Patty Richardson.  Patricia Richardson Bio: Patty Richardson is a licensed physician's assistant (PA). She worked as a PA for fifteen years. She was also a Captain, in the United States Air Force Reserves, for eight years. After realizing an interest in law enforcement, she became a campus safety officer with Union College in Schenectady, New York. Richardson has always had an interest in writing. Four year