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A Stroke of Luck

Hello All, Today, I found the following story posted on Yahoo. I try to read as much as I can when it comes to screenwriting. This makes me think, finish the damn feature you're writing and get to your next script idea, because opportunities are out there. Enjoy. New York subway worker in Hollywood's fast laneThursday March 27 8:45 AM ET A New York City tollbooth worker in desperate need of a car wrote a crime thriller script titled "Brooklyn's Finest" last year. Now he finds himself rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood's finest, including Richard Gere , Don Cheadle , Ethan Hawke and director Antoine Fuqua . Living in Brooklyn, Michael Martin had just totaled his car in an accident. While in physical therapy, he entered a screenwriting competition, hoping to win the prize money for his new set of wheels. "I had never written a screenplay before," said Martin, who had studied film in college. "I thought, 'How hard can it be?' I

Oh Yeah My Weekend in Pennslyvannia

I bet you thought I was going to forget to write about my weekend in Pennsylvania. Well, I didn't. I guess I've been waiting for the right time to reflect. Since Pennsylvania is the next key state in the Democratic primary I thought I tie in some of my observations of the Keystone state. Karim and I visited the Bischwind Bed and Breakfast in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania during Presidents weekend. Many visitors have credited Bischwind as being a jewel in the crown of the Pocono Mountains. It was built by Albert Lewis in 1886 and has been refurbished by the Von Dron /English families for almost four decades. The Bischwind rooms are filled with antiques and collectibles. We stayed in the Autumn room, which came with queen size bed, a private bathroom, bathrobes, T.V., and VCR. There was still ice on the ground from a storm earlier in the week and although it rained most of the weekend, I treasured the silence and sereneness of the environment. Waking up to a breakfast with

Inside the Outsider: A Film Review of The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press

Below is a recent film review I wrote on the documentary The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press . The review can can also be viewed at , an online literary website. What were your thoughts on the review. I welcome any feedback. Meet Louise “Gypsy Lou” Webb, now in her nineties and on a street somewhere in the French Quarter, she’s wearing her signature black beret, a dazzling red turtleneck, with an eccentrically trimmed black over shirt and holding a cane. She sees a building where she and her late husband Jon Edgar Webb used to live, and stops to point out a tid bit fact about how they ended up in New Orleans. As her story unfolds you come to learn what it meant to be an outsider and how it affected artists like the Webbs. New Orleans is the backdrop in Wayne Ewing’s, documentary, The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press . A city rich in history and architecture that is also known, as a southern mecca for food, music, and art was a haven for Louise a

Back Tracking

Hello All, I know it's been a while since my last posting. My apologies. I've been trying to catch up with course work. I'm meeting deadlines, but I would prefer if I wasn't rushing against deadlines. I can and should work more efficiently . I'm more than half-way through this semester. I'll be relieved when the middle of May is here, but before I can think of warmer weather and summer fun I have to keep my focus and get the work done. It's all about the work and I'm the only one who can do it. If it comes out half-ass I will only have myself to blame. I would like to hang out a bit more with friends, but the activities we do don't change much. When I go out locally my options are movies, bars, sports bars , dinner, bars, and "city wannabe" clubs. Being a young twentysomething in Waterbury, CT leaves a lot to be desired. My saving grace are my interests in the arts, whether it be seeing plays, indie films, or my occasional visits to mu