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Onward and Upward: Trying to Stay Focused

I'm long overdue for a blog entry. My apologies on my lack of earnestness, but the last two weeks have not been very productive for me. I think it's because my head is in a lot of places and I haven't buckled down and focused on the writing. The stories that are in my head have not made it to paper or onto my computer screen. Trying to move onward and upward has not been an easy task for me. I hope to change that this week. Writers write and since I haven't been doing that, I don't feel much like a writer. I don't want this blog to come off completely negative, because I do have some things I'm looking forward too. I'm estactic that After the Headlines will have its premiere at the Kent Film Festival, , April 22 to 25, 2001. I give myself goosebumps knowing that the film will be screened at Kent. I feel so honored. It's my first and hopefully not my last film festival. I plan to do a grassroots publicity blitz, whi

A Glass Ceiling Cracked, But the Reality Remains

The Oscar hoopla is finally over. The feat to win a Oscar is no easy task. Some of the industry's best can go a lifetime and still never get the honor, so kudos to all the winners. I didn't watch much of the Oscars, but what from what I did see, I did notice there were a lot of firsts last night. The one I will focus my blog on today is the Best Director award that went to Kathryn Bigelow. Bigelow cracked the glass ceiling last night when she won the award of Best Director for The Hurt Locker . She is the first woman in Oscar history to receive this honor. While Bigelow is the first woman to win the Best Directoring Oscar, she is only the fourth woman ever nominated. With the impact that women have had in the industry throughout the years I find it hard to believe that until last night a woman has not won the Best Director award. That was probably wishful thinking on my part, because when I looked at the hard stats, it becomes very clear that women writers, directors, and prod