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Breaking up with Black Friday

My pre-Black Friday marketing. I've made the decision to break up with Black Friday. While many American consumers are gearing up for the holiday shopping season and eager to get the best deals, this marketing ploy has lost its luster for me. The push to get me to buy is no longer limited  to Black Friday or Cyber Monday (the biggest online shopping day in the United States). Now we have the advance Black Friday sales you can’t miss. I’m over it. Like many of my fellow consumers, I love a good sale. I still cut coupons. And even though I believe that it’s in giving you receive, I’m forcing myself to press the pause button. Black Friday isn’t about our needs, it’s a successful marketing ploy that drives us to fulfill our wants. In the process we’re creating a lot of waste.  I have a lot of stuff. More stuff than I need. Rather than add to it, I’ve started looking at ways to reduce and reuse. The most important things to me today are  my health (the first wealth), my fa