Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Media Release: Waterbury, CT Screenwriter to be Honored with the Sir Edmond Hillary Award

Media Advisory For Immediate Release

Waterbury, CT Screenwriter to be Honored with the Sir Edmond Hillary Award at the 2010 Mountain Film Festival Awards Ceremony

February 19, 2010, WATERBURY, CT – Aaliyah Miller, a life-long Waterbury, CT resident will receive the Sir Edmond Hillary Award for her screenplay, Finding Patience. The screenplay follows Hatima Miles, an edgy, tenacious public defender, who becomes her most challenging case when she searches for the foster sister from whom she was separated in childhood.

“I’m ecstatic about receiving this award. I consider it a validation of my work as a screenwriter,” says Miller.

Aaliyah will receive the honor at The 2010 Mountain Film Festival being held on February 26, 2010 in Mammoth Lakes, California. The event will be held at the Westin Monache Resort.

Awards are presented in all the main categories along with cash prizes for top films and filmmakers. The Mountain Film Festival truly celebrates and honors the indie filmmaker and screenwriter.

With a mission to entertain, enlighten, and enrich through film, the festival recognizes and awards some of the world’s finest and cutting-edge independent feature films, shorts, documentaries, foreign films, student films, mountain films, adventure sports films, animation, music videos, and features an annual screenplay competition. Film of all genres are accepted, by they encourage films with an emphasis on mountain culture, action sports, and environmental issues.

For more information on the Mountain Film Festival and the award winners visit their site at www.mammothfilm.com. To learn more about Aaliyah Miller and her script Finding Patience, contact her at 203.232.3712 or email her at amiller_12@hotmail.com.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kent Film Festival: My Sundance

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Barnes and Nobles in Waterbury, trying to crank out an outline for my spec script. In the midst of my mind block I get a call. I look at that phone and don't  recognize the number so I let it got to my voice mail. The phone rings again and this time I decide to answer it. It was a  good thing I did, on the other end of the phone was a coordinator from the Kent Film Festival, http://www.kentfilmfestival.org/about.html, congratulating me on my acceptance into the festival. It took a couple of seconds for it to register and for me to respond to the good news. But once I realized his call was for real I was elated (it was a kodak moment).

Since I let so much time pass between that phone call and this entry, I cannot remember the man's name who called, but I do remember him telling me that he likes to personally call accepted filmmakers when he likes their film. My reply to him was, "You made my night." He really did. The last few weeks have been tough because I've been working on my spec script for the Nickelodeon Fellowship. At the time, I had a little less than a month to get it done and I wasn't even on my first draft. I proud to report that is no longer the case. I finished the draft at 2:30 am early Tuesday morning. I'm so happy we had snow and I got an hour and a half delay for work. Writing against the clock, but I'm writing.

Let me get back to the festival. I've submitted to numerous festivals and to date most of my email notices have been rejections, that is, when they have the courtesy to send me a rejection letter. Many festivals don't. I thank the staff at the Portland Women's Festival, the Vail Film Festival, the Ashland Independent Film Festival, the Women's International Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, the Sunnyside Film Festival, and the Phoneix Film Festival for respecting my time and hardwork.

I know rejection is part of the game, but when happens to you, it still not easy to accept.  The good news from the Kent Film Festival really lifted my spirits. I see Kent as my Sundance. The Kent Film Festival is in my home state and will hopefully give After the Headlines some more exposure. I'm looking forward to attending the festival, participating in the workshops, and expanding my network in the Connecticut film community. It may be the only festival I get into this year, I truly hope not, but I have to be prepared for that.

I am grateful that I did meet one of my goals for After the Headlines in 2010. While I look forward to Kent and the magic happening for me, I will keep on working on my other goals. Thanks for reading.