Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking Stock: Recapping the Week

Babita and Shurmilla joined me at stir-fry class.
This week was pretty interesting and it wasn't because the Seattle Seahawks through away their chance to win Superbowl XLIX or that Brian Williams, NBC's nightly news anchor apologized for mucking up the truth in his reports of an event that he encountered while on assignment in Iraq. Both were interested media stories, but not what made my week particularly interesting.

This week, I changed up things a bit and didn't follow my usual routine, which was nice. Monday's snow storm changed my work routine, instead of driving into the office, I worked from home. I really love having that option because the last place I want to be is out there on the roads snow. Considering we get our fair share of snow, one would think people would and should know how to handle themselves in inclement weather. Many don't, too many. 

Chicken and vegetable chow mein I helped to prepare.
When Karim and I both work from home I notice that our dog Billy seems to cling to me. I love being home with him, but it's hard to focus at times, especially during conference calls. Billy continuously nudges me to take him out and when his patience runs thin he starts barking. Thank goodness for the mute feature.

I haven't made it to the gym one day this week and although I hate to miss my Zumba classes, on the positive side I got out more despite these cold temperatures. Last night, I took a basic stir-fry cooking class at Kitchen, Gadgets, and Beyond. Last spring, I took my first class and loved the experience. I enjoying learning prep techniques to cook faster, plus I also get to learn about cuisines I wouldn't typically make on my own. For last night's class I used a Groupon deal, which saved me about 40 percent of the regular class price. Talking to other students in the class I also learned you can find deals on Living Social or Amazon Local (I need to check this one out, I didn't realize that were in the discount entertainment market).

Wednesday night I went to see Familiar with my friend and fellow theatre buff Halima. The story centers around Marvelous and Donald, a couple preparing for the marriage of their eldest daughter. Clashes erupt within the family when the first-generation American bride-to-be insists on observing a traditional Zimbabwean wedding ritual. Great play! Absolutely loved it. It runs until February 21, so go get those tickets.

Tonight I'm looking forward to the film Jupiter Ascending  with my friend Samm. Whoot, Whoot! I hear mixed reviews about the film, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Let's not forget Channing Tatum is in it. Yes, I'm a Tatum fan. Hoping to keep it moving with Bingo at Foxwoods if we don't get more snow. I shall see.

Did you do anything interesting this past week? Let me know in the comment section!

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