Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Official, I'm Headed to the Consuming/Culture Conference

After some serious thought and with the support of my hubby I've decided that it's worth my time and money to head to the Consuming/Culture: Women and Girls in Pixels and Print conference. Whoot, Whoot!

While I was snowed in this weekend I took the time to register for the conference and book my flight. I reviewed the agenda and am looking forward to the opportunity to meet other women and learn about their research on topics focused on gender inequity and how the problem manifests itself in society.

One of the conference highlights is that Angela McRobbie will be a keynote speaker. She is a thought leader that has written many papers addressing post-feminism and the impact and influence media has on women in society. I reviewed many of her published papers as part of my thesis research. It will be cool to hear from the woman that influenced my own research as well as many others when it comes to women and gender studies.

This will be the first time I present at an academic conference. I can feel the butterflies already, but it also gives me a new experience to look forward to. As a result of this conference acceptance, I'm also going to look into a few other national conferences as well as publishing my thesis in a communications journal.

I still have to book my lodging, but that will get done in due time. What's a conference that you really enjoyed and how did it enhance your professional development? Let me know in the comments section.


Karim said...

Microsoft BUILD!! WOOOO!!! and Boston CodeCamp was pretty good too.

Aaliyah Miller said...

Thanks for sharing Karim.

ChaChanna said...

Aaliyah, that conference sounds so interesting. I can't wait to hear about your experience. For lodging, have you tried It would be cheaper than getting a hotel.

Congrats on your decision to get your thesis in print. Look forward to reading it.

Aaliyah Miller said...

Hey ChaChanna, thx for the recommendation. My friend Jaye recommended the same site. I will be sure to look into it!