Friday, July 18, 2014

12 Weeks and Counting Since Billy Joined My Family

Billy takes in the view at a lake.
It's hard to believe that today marks 12 weeks since Karim and I adopted our beloved Billy. For the longest time I pushed back on getting a dog. Karim was ready two years ago. I on the other hand thought about the cost of food, having to clean up after a dog or waking up bright and early to walk the dog. How things have changed. I do all of the above and while the cleaning up after him is a daily occurrence, I don't mind it as much as I thought I would or the a.m. walks. Walking him in the morning helps to wake me up and get myself acclimated to what's ahead in my day. I'm no fan of winter and realize my attitude may slightly shift when the cold temperatures arrive. However, whether its rain, sleet or snow, Billy is a joy to be around.

Chilling on Grandma's deck.
This is going to sound a bit cheeky, but it was love at first sniff. I didn't anticipate falling for him so quickly. Karim and I met him at Our Companions Animal Rescue open house event. Our Companions is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost. The staff and volunteers that work here truly eat, breath, and sleep their mission statement. The services they offer include pet adoption, pet sanctuary, dog training classes, spay/neuter services, special events, and volunteering opportunities. 

Karim and I were thinking about getting a dog for a few months before we made the decision to adopt in May. We learned about Our Companions from his sister, Jamila, who volunteers with them. After we arranged a play date with Billy, I knew I wanted him to be a part of our family. Karim agreed. It was a perfect match.

In recent weeks Billy has adjusted to living with us and vice versa. He loves high quality treats like Polly-O string cheese, Purina's Rollhide, salmon treats, and chicken jerky. Personally, I think he'll devour any type of jerky. He loves people food like curry goat, shrimp lo mein, fried chicken wings, chicken fried rice, and a turkey sub, hold the veggies. He's not as big of fan of your typical doggy biscuits and cookies. They need a little something extra. He also loves driving shot gun or in the back with head out the window.

Our friends and family that have met Billy love him. Like his adopted mama, he's a people person and loves to engage others. He's friendly when he meets strangers and most other dogs, but if you bark at him, he'll bark back. Some folks have questioned me about having him wear a pink harness and leash. I have no problem explaining that I don't conform to gender associations that stereotype what society has come to define as female and male. My Billy proudly rocks pink and looks handsome doing so.

To jump or not to jump, that is the question.

Billy has changed my life for the better. Do I clean more? Yes. Do I get frustrated when I'm watching something on T.V., and he starts crying if I don't walk him. Yes. But in the end, its all worth it. I'm a proud and happy dog-lover, probably always was, just needed Billy to bring it out in me.


Jaye Maynard said...

Congrats Super A! He is lucky to have you guys. So happy you have connected.

kim dorfman said...


Benjamin1021 said...

Awesome Cuz!! Looking forwards to meeting Billy one day:-) Glad thigs are going well! Miss yah cuz!

Aaliyah Miller said...

Jaye, Kim, and BJ, thanks and I love him to pieces. Cuz, I'm looking forward to introducing you two as well!

Patty said...

I admit that ....I do miss going shopping for school supplies, (pens, paper and notebooks), but happy to be thru with school.
Have to say that.... I like Polly O string cheese, too! Billy's my kind of puppy!!!! :) Love reading your posts!
Have a great LABOR DAY weekend!!!!