Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting Over the Spring Flu and Getting a Response from Stuart Weitzman

There is a saying, "What a difference a day makes." I can't help but think what a difference a week can make.

This time last week, I was coming down with the flu and could only muster the energy to change my clothes and go to sleep. When Karim got home from the gym, he knew enough to let me be and sleep through the night. Instead of feeling better the next day I was getting much worse. I needed to see a doctor when I woke up Tuesday morning. I called him and had an appointment by the end of the day.

According to my doctor, there is a spring flu going around and a good number of folks have been getting sick. It's been over 10 years since I last had the flu and the last time I had it I got sick from getting the flu shot. This spring flu was a whole different ball game. It hurt to think, move, and breathe. While I'm thankful for the meds and the insurance to pay for them, they had horrible side effects.
A screenshot of  my response to Stuart Weitzman's.

I also had to postpone my oral presentation for my thesis, luckily I was able to reschedule it for this Thursday.

I'm down to the wire and just have one more section to revise along with my reference list. How I hate APA, let me count the ways. I know I need to try and not complain since this is my finally week, but I'm so ready for this course and program to be over.

Although the doctor's orders had me primarily sleeping and trying to eat when I felt up to it, I managed to check my social media accounts a few times a day. Initially, I thought I was going to write a post on Clipper's owner Donald Sterling and his racist rants. I still don't get how the media and some people were surprised by his rants. The lesson that I hope some Americans learned is that our post-racial country is not free of racism. Clive Bundy and Sterling reminded us last week and despite all the media attention, America still refuses to address the elephant in the room. Can you say institutionalized racism or white privilege? I'll stop there.

On a more positive note, I received an interesting response (at least I thought it was interesting) from Stuart Weitzman, the upscale shoe designer that I thought was worth talking about. Let me go back and catch you up. About two weeks ago I received my daily email ad from them that I usually do. This ad was capitalizing on the "Sex and the City" theme. The ad had a thin, blond white female with shorts and a jacket on, no bra or blouse. I was taken back by the ad because I thought to myself, "They wouldn't use this approach to sell a man shoes. I consider myself open minded and don't flinch at nudity. My objection was with how the ad was using  a woman's body image to sell a product. I decided to let them know my objection via social media and email. I posted my comments and I waited. Weitzman eventually responded. I appreciate the fact that they took the time to actually respond to me. To view the discussion, just click on the screenshot above.

My voice does matter and so does yours. Don't be scared to speak up or speak out, however, you should be prepared for potential fallout. No guts, no glory.