Friday, March 28, 2014

THANK YOU! Team Bowling Juice Hit Our Fundraising Goal for Junior Achievement

TGIF everyone! I'm going to be a pretty busy this weekend. I'll be juggling seeing The Book of Mormon at The Bushnell Theater on Saturday and bowling to benefit Junior Achievement on Sunday at the AMF Lanes in Milford. In between these two activities I'm also going to be finishing up a major section of my thesis paper. Holla!

I'm happy to announce that I exceeded my individual goal of $100, raising $239. My team, The Bowling Juice also surpassed our team goal of $500 raising $639. Who knows, I still may get a couple of donations that trickle in.

Below is a personal shout out to my supporters.

  • Jonathon Applebaum
  • Alan Boba
  • Lynn Burke
  • Ed Crowder
  • Rob DeGrand
  • Bern Dorso
  • Karim HadjSalem
  • Joan Huwiler
  • Denise Johnson
  • Dawn Miller
  • Esther Miller
  • Jackie Miller
  • Catherine Monopoli
  • Judith Nutkis
  • Ellen Ross
  • Emily Titrud
  • Raymond Torres

THANK YOU! I wouldn't have been able to hit my individual and team goals without your help. It is greatly appreciated. The video is dedicated to each of you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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