Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aaliyah's Top 10 Selfies for 2013

The term "selfie" made a big splash in 2013. It was officially anointed when the Oxford dictionary added it this year. Pope John Francis may be Time magazines man of the year but I would have to say "selfie" is the word of the year, even if my spell check doesn't recognize it. The Oxford Dictionary and Lakeshore Public Media made it their word of the year. Everyone from your average Joe to President Obama is snapping one. It's the in thing.

I've done my share. Have you? With my personal need to reflect as this year comes to a close I've decided start my process with a fun "selfie" recap. I've to combed through mountains of "selfie" photos online and bring you my top ten. The word is here to stay but I'm already wondering what next year's created word will take us and the media by storm.

Aaliyah's Top 10 Selfies for 2013

10. Kim Kardashian. Where would my list be without the infamous Kim? I'm no fan but this selfie did catch my eye. Sorry Kanye, you're not on my list. Please don't hate.

9. Geraldo Rivera. I can't believe I once interned for Geraldo's daytime talk show. People used to think his talk show was bad. I find this selfie much worse. Hot mess!!

8. Mom and I at the 2013 New Haven Open at Yale women semi-finales. (Yes, I decided to add my own, lol!)

7. Pope Francis with teenage travelers. This Pope has been a game changer for the Catholic church I wasn't expecting. Enough said!

6. Malia and Sasha Obama. I love these two and they make the list because they are too cute.

5. Madonna. Definitely not the icon at her best, but she gets a pass due to her iconic status. Courtesy of her Instagram :)

4. A father from Ontario with his 4-week old daughter. I'm still puzzled on how the baby made that face.This is one of my favs.

3. Snoop Dog. Snoop makes the list because he was bold enough to take a selfie with a hair bonnet on his head, but then again he's that type of guy.

2. John Hodgins. My former Casey colleague and friend. I'm normally not into beards but his is a list maker.

1. President Obama. No explanation needed!


John Hodgins said...

YOU CRACK ME UP! Thanks for including me!

jessicaripper said...

John should definitely beat Obama.

Aaliyah Miller said...

John, it was a fab selfie and my pleasure!