Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Flashback: Cyndi's Lauper "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

Happy Friday everyone! My bad on missing last week's flashback post. Time got away from me and when I remembered it was Saturday. Glad to be back. I'm feeling upbeat this week and thought this week's flashback video should be also be. Before the Spice Girls indoctrinated a generation of tweeners and teenage girls with marketed ideas of girl power, there was a quirky, off-beat singer whose song resonated women across the globe and made them feel empowered. If it's not fun, then it's done and it's why I've selected Cyndi Lauper's, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" for this week's Friday Flashback.

I love this song because it makes me feel good from the inside out. I can be having the worse day, but when I play this song I seem to be able to let go over my negative feelings and remind myself to take a page from Ms. Lauper's book and try to have fun. The single was Lauper's breakthrough hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming a worldwide hit throughout late 1983 and early 1984.

Last week Lauper was in Connecticut and performed at the Ridgefield Playhouse. I'm sorry I missed that. This song and video is more than two decades old, but I find it timeless and a reminder that no matter what I have on my plate, I just want to have fun. Thanks Cyndi!

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