Sunday, June 2, 2013

Got a Recommendation for a Good Lobster Roll? I Want It!!

Although summer doesn't officially start until June 21, I finally feel like the summer season has begun.  It took a while for the warm weather to get here and stay here, but it's here. YEAH! I've been waiting all year for 90 degree weather. 

The summer season is my favorite. I love the the heat. it's probably because I'm a summer baby and June is my birthday month.

Outside of the warm weather and the flourishing trees and gardens, I also love summer because it's the best time of year to enjoy a lobster roll. While I enjoy it cold, my preference is hot and buttery. I love a good lobster roll and want to find the best that New England has to offer. 

About four years ago, I was at my dentist's office getting my bi-annual cleaning and on the TV in the room was a NESN news story about the best lobster rolls in New England. I believe it was a "top five" list. Of course I've forgotten all of the restaurants that were mentioned in the news story. I would like to enlist your help in finding the best lobster role in New England. Location doesn't matter. I'll drive a good distance for a tasty and delicious lobster roll!

Let me know where you have had a dynamite lobster roll. Just post the restaurant in the comment section of this blog. Can't wait to read your responses and thank you in advance!!


Emily said...

Abbott's in Noank is pretty hard to beat. I was raised in a household where putting mayonnaise or anything besides butter on lobster is a sin.

WorcesterHoney said...

The Raw Bar in Hyannis and in Mashpee. Yum yum yum!!

WorcesterHoney said...

Ronnie's in Auburn, MA is awesome, too. Looks like a hellhole on the outside, but it's a gem. LOBSTAH!!

Karim said...

I like the place in Westbrook a lot

Aaliyah Miller said...

Thanks for the recommendations. My list is growing:)