Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Signing Off Facebook

I'm trying to stay focused and make sure I stick to my one entry a week. Considering it's Wednesday I figured I get a post up. I'm in the home stretch for my course and am working on my final paper that is due Friday. I look forward to the sense of relief I will feel. I hope to celebrate by seeing the Avengers with the husband by the end of the week. 

Karim and I are also making progress on the painting front. We have two walls finished and our accent wall primed along with the trim in the room. A YEAH is in order!! In other news in my life I've also decided to sign-off of of Facebook.

Although Facebook continues to be one of the fasting growing social networking platforms where you can catch up with your friends, share news, post pictures and videos, share/receive status, play games, and last but not least, get a slice of what's happening in the lives of your frienemies. There's a lot to do and I've come to realize how much a time drain Facebook has been in my personal life. I'm not blaming Facebook for my lack of focus and my inability to write my page a day. That rests with me, but I can say that the time I spend catching up on other people's lives takes time away from me doing what I need to do in my own. There's also a lot of drama on Facebook. Reminds me of high school in some respects. I've come to expect that people grow up after high school, but when I see some people's post I realize that is not the case. Old habits die hard.

It's been almost a week I think. I've actually lost tract of the day I deactivated my account. I thought I was going to miss it, but it's nice. In some respects I do feel like I'm a girl in the room that's not part of the conversation and I have made my peace with it. It's not like I've completely given social networking up. I haven't. You can still find me on LinkedIn, Twitter @dirtywater22 and on Google +. There is also email, which seems to be so "old school" these days.

My hope and plan with this change is to get rid of the unnecessary in life. While I enjoy Facebook and sharing with others, it's not absolutely necessary that I do it. It's not like air, food, and water. Those I really need. I have quite a few writing projects that I need to work on. The dust that has settled on them needs to brushed away. I won't be gone forever, I'm sure there will be a time when I reactivate the account, but I don't see that happening in the near future. I plan to stay in the mix and you keep you in the mix through this blog and the other social networking platforms I continue to use for now.


Benjamin1021 said...

One week no Facebook! Proud of you Aaliyah! Crazy how addictive FB can be. Smh. Keep us in the mix! Love reading your blog!

Johnny Francis Wolf said...

I fear I've not been keeping up with you, my dear friend Aaliyah... but I send you much love and encouragement in ALL your exploits. You are one of THEE most talented and driven humans I have the honor of knowing.

As for 'no facebook'... I kinda get that, tho I fear I'm not ready to take the plunge... or rather the un-plunge.

Sending lots of hugs,

dirtywater22 said...

Thanks Johnny and BJ!!! Love you both

Linda Roach said...

Great job Aaliyah! I can certainly relate as it takes away from what I need to do as well, esp writing! Take care!