Monday, April 11, 2011

Posts for a Purpose

Hello all,

In the world of social media, it seems like a lot of people want to get out what's in their head and share it with the world. And while sharing is caring ( the Care Bear's slogan), sometimes people disseminate TMI, too much information. I  know we've all seen it in our facebook or twitter threads at some point and have thought to ourselves, should we unfriend this person.

I want to change that dynamic for myself and post for a purpose. I feel like I've already begun that with my facebook and twitter accounts, but even I stray and may over share at times.

Some of you've may have seen my fact of the day, online petitions, and numerous articles that reflect news that interests me.  In addition to these main posts I want my status updates to reflect a theme. I realize I can I can cut back on my own, "I'm going to workout," or "This is where I'm at," posts.  I may still write these status updates on occassion but my goal is to significantly cut back on that and be more meaningful about what I share with my network of friends, colleagues, and associates. 

From Monday through Friday each of my posts will follow a theme. Here they are:
  • Mondays - I will post my fact of the day
  • Tuesdays - I will post my inspirational quote of the day
  • Wednesdays - I will post my "old school" or "throw back" hip-hop video
  • Thursdays - I will post a tip of the day
  • Friday's -I will post a "throw back" or "current rock/alternative video
I'm going to take a break on the weekends and make time for the writing and less posting. I'm sure I will still be sucked in at times, but my goal is to social network with more of purpose and encourage people to learn something that may not know.

Check out my latest statust update on my facebook page. Note: If you're not a friend, you won't be able to view this link, so make sure to request if you're interested in checking out my posts for a purpose.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back with another post this weekend. Stay tuned....

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