Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Days Into 2011 and Where I Am At

This caption echoes how I feel at times.

 Hello all,

It has been 10 days since my last entry and although I've got 2011 off with a positive enthusiasm, I actually haven written a word for an old or new screenplay. I'm not proud or pleased to report that. I'm actually disappointed in myself. The one thing I can say is that what I write or don't write falls on me. Since the new year began I've been focused on spec ideas for the Nickelodeon Fellowship, www.nickwriting.com/. The deadline for applications is February 28, 2011 and that is just around the corner.

I picked three shows to watch and have read their synopses on Wikipedia, but after watching the first season of one show, I wonder if I have the chops to write in that style. Comedy isn't my area of expertise, but for this fellowship I need to be able to demonstrate some skill in this area. The night before last, I voiced my struggle with my husband and even mentioned an idea I have for the show, but judging by his response and expression I really need to flesh it out.

What I need to do.
I think I'm so worried about failing at this it is distracting me from even getting started. I really have to get past this because time to get a draft done is running out. I'm going to have to put action behind my words and buckle down and get something on paper this weekend. A bad script is better than no script at all, because you can improve on something bad, but if there is nothing there to work with how do you get past that.

 I need to address the ways in which I hold my own self back. I need to prioritize my writing goals and create a schedule that will force me to write something everyday even if it is only one page. In addition to getting some writing done I need to work on the task of developing this schedule and really stick to it. While I wish my blog entry was more exciting, I'm glad to be addressing this issue with all of you. It's important that I'm honest with myself and sharing with you all helps.

Thanks for reading.


ka said...

The idea was a good one, but very immature (and not immature in a toilet humor kind of way). I just meant you have the skeleton there, so put some meat on it so I can give you some meaningful feedback. But yes, you do need to write more.

TangierRochelle said...

shake off worry, fear and doubt. as you mentioned, just write something...get started. you'll be surprised what may ly within you that you think you currently don't have. if thou can believe all things ARE possible to those that believe. it's only the 13th day of the year...get moving.....start writing...keep writing. feb 28th will be here soon.

Tiana said...

i wish you the best with this new project. everyone has fear but only the wise and determined don't let fear hold them back. go for it!

dirtywater22 said...


Thanks so much:)

Anonymous said...

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