Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great News from Action on Film (AOF)

I know my last entry had a tone of frustration. Since then the level of stress I was feeling has subsiding a  bit. I feel better having got some things off my chest. It wasn't just what I wrote, I also received some really encouraging feedback from a fellow screenwriter as well as words of encouragement from others who read this blog. Thank you.

I'm please to report, actually I'm more than pleased, I'm completely ecstatic. This morning, I received the earth shattering news (earth shattering for me) that After the Headlines received a nomination from for Best Produced Screenplay at the 2010 Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival, I was happy when After the Headlines was accepting into the festival but getting nominated really sweetens the deal. I am really looking forward to the trip out to Pasadena in a couple of weeks.

Out of the Box, a short screenplay about five women of color living with HIV/AIDS was nominated for 'Best Short' in the screenwriter's category. I co-wrote the original script with Lawrence King, founder of Dark Embrace Films about five years ago and have been making revisions to the script over the years. It is true when writers say a story is never finished. The amount of revisions I have to my other scripts is a constant reminder.

I really needed some good news and I got it. I have a little bit more pep in my step. I actually have the energy to want to write and I need to capitalize on it. I want to shout out to the folks at AOF for opening a door for me. They gave me my first shot last year and I will never forget that. Getting accepted and winning made me believe that the impossible is possible. Screenwriting and film making are tough careers to pursue, so when you get into a festival and get nominated for an award it's a big deal.

I'm really thankful for this great news and plan to make the most of the opportunity. For me, part of making the most of this opportunity means getting back to the writing. I'm ready.

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