Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black Obsidian Media Group is Back with ResurGENTs

I know I've been a little laggy lately. My apologies, between changes at work and tasks for the wedding I'm spent. I was very happy that I finally had a chance to relax and rejuvenate this holiday weekend. I have to shout out Jackie and Everett for a great weekend in Waltham, Massachusetts. The low-key time with friends is just what I needed although I did manage to squeeze in a little work here and there.

I'm glad to be back blogging. I'm long over due. This entry is for my theater lovers, especially those who frequent the Off Off Broadway circuit. This entry is for you.

Last year, I blogged about the production of Black Man Rising, the award-winning New York Production took audiences by storm. Winner of four AUDELCO Awards, for "Excellence in Theatre," inclucing Best Director, Patricia R. Floyd, Best Choreography, Juson Williams, Outstanding Ensemble Performance and Dramatic Production of the Year. The production was produced by the Black Obsidian Media Group, a group of talented writers, actors, and directors pushing the envelop for Black theater.

The team is back with ResurGENTs: The Reappearance of Hope, written by Lawrence Floyd and Damian Sanders. ResurGENTs is a part of the 2010 Midtown International Theatre Festival, http://www.midtownfestival.org/. The play is a new millennium Choreopoem that explores the rise of the Black Man in the geo-political era of President Barack Obama. Through poetry, monologues, singing, and dancing, five Black men speak about life, love, and freedom. They take us on a spiritual journey from the present to slavery, in his relationships as well as his politics. “There is nothing new about Life and Love and Freedom. We make them original.” ResurGENTs is a resurrected love song.

Helmed once again by Patricia R. Floyd and Juson Williams, ResurGENTs features a talented cast including Neil Dawson*, Leopold Lowe*, Lawrence Saint-Victor, Samuel Smith, Roderick Warner and Juson Williams.* (*Denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association).

Make sure you check out ResurGENTs! Make your reservations now for as low as $18.00. Purchase your tickets with a credit card online at http://www.midtownfestival.org/ or call toll-free: 866-811-4111. Group discounts are also available. Contact Jajmi Robinson at 646.554.5528.

Performance dates are: 2010 Midtown International Theatre Festival- July 12th @ 8:30pm, July 17th @ 7:30pm, July 22nd , July 23rd and July 31st @ 6:00pm and August 1st @ 1:00pm.

I hope to see you in the audience.


melis said...

do you know how to get in contact with the theatre group? I can't find any contact information for them.

funny, i was actually sitting near 2 of the actors in a starbucks a few days a go and overheard them doing their character work. even that was riveting. i can only imagine what the show was like!

i had a chance to briefly introduce myself after wards but didn't get a chance to get their info.

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Anonymous said...

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