Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 2010 Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival: A Screenwriter's Retreat

I'm just one day away from flying out to Pasadena. The anticipation for this trip has been building for me and I'm ready to get away. I need to. I have a lot on my plate right now. I'm in rehearsals for a production entitled Incantation (I will have a blog about the show when I return), planning a wedding celebration (since I'm already married), and also getting ready for the 2010 Action on Film (AOF) International Festival, While part of this trip is business, I also see part of this trip as a personal retreat from the world as I know i
Preparing for AOF has required a lot of time and I don't have much of it these days. I've had to order two movie-sized posters for the film to display at my screening and relabel post cards to promote the film. I've also been constantly posting on my social networks, handling my traveling accomindations, and a bunch of other little tasks I can't remember at the moment. I'm glad that I was able to use my Delta reward points for my flight. Boy did those come in handy. Also, due to my tweets I linked up with a travel agent who got me a great deal on a car rental. I also want to shout out Pauline Gray, who is letting me crash with her once again. Thanks sista.
A lot goes into making a film and when you get accepted into a film festival, you continue to have to put in time, money, and sweat to promote the hell out of your film. If this seems like I'm complaining, I don't mean to come off like that. I just want people to realize that when you make a film, the amount of energy you put into can seem never ending.
I'm so excited to have another opportunity to promote After the Headlines. After all it is nominated for 'Best Produced Screenplay." My short script Out of the Box is also nominated for 'Best Short' in the screenwritng category. Both nominations are real blessings, but while I'm out in Pasadena I also need to take stock of where I'm at and where I want to be two or three years down the road. I've been at a stand still with my writing and I think this trip will give me the mojo I need to recharge my engine. I plan to read scripts when I'm not at screenings and also will set time aside to work on the treatment for the feature length script of After the Headlines. I am long over due. Who knows maybe I will get lucky and get some ideas for other stories. At this point I am game for anything and open to the possibilities that will flow my way.
My trip out to Pasadena is definitely business, but it is also a personal retreat for the screenwriter in me and I can really use that time for myself.

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