Thursday, January 28, 2010

After the Headlines: Correction and the Trailer

Hello all,

I have a correction to make on After The Headlines. It looks like it didn't receive the Sir Edmond Hillary Award from the folks at the 2010 Mountain Film Festival, that honor goes to my feature script Finding Patience. It's a minor setback, but I still feel pretty good because my work is still being honored. I will take my blessings were I can get them.

The folks at the Mountain Film Festival sent me two congratulatory emails, one said for a film, the other for a script, but when I went to the website to check the award winner postings, I saw that After the Headlines wasn't there. See for yourself, A win is still a win, so I'm keeping my head up.

I have submitted to a few more film festivals that range from my backyard to nationally known festivals. I will continue to plug away. Next up on my plate is getting a website for After the Headlines. I'm working with my editor on that project. Right now, I'm researching websites for films to see what's out there. I also welcome recommendations if you have any.

In closing, I would like to share the link to the trailer for the film. I've posted it on youtube and my fan page for After the Headlines. I would appreciate it if you click on the link and leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


Halima said...

Good outlook! A win is a win after all! ;-)

A couple of sites that I've blundered across recently:;;; & one fan page for a good indie film: (not sure of their website).

Aaliyah said...

Thanks for the heads up Halima. I will definitely check out the sites.

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Cinti said...

Congratulations! We just have to hang in there. I like your attitude. Your Sundance indeed. Make the most of it all.