Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contest Frenzy and Other Things

I wish I could report that I've gotten some screenwriting done, unfornately that is not the case, but I'm back to writing my morning journal entries and I've been finally tackling the mess that is my office. Over the weekend, I finally organized my receipts. I had a pile on the floor that went back to the month of January. It was made up of gas, grocery stores, retail, dry cleaning, AAA, and a bunch of other places. I still have to finish organizing my receipts from the production of After the Headlines. At least I have them all in one place, the production binder. It's a start.

One of the reasons I have haven't written down a word is because I've been busy looking for screenwriting contests for Finding Patience (I've done a mini revision) and film festivals for After the Headlines. Every couple of days I get an email blast from the folks at Withoutabox, a website that lists film festivals across the globe, about potential festivals I should enter. A lot of times I pass, but lately I've been getting film festivals geared toward short films and even a couple geared toward female filmmakers. I believe that to be my niche and trying to work that angle.

The business of writing and trying to get discovered is just as much work as the writing itself, maybe even more. When I think about it, I have three jobs, there's my public relations gig (the bread and butter), the screenwriting gig (my part-time passion), and now the publicist gig(promoting myself and one of the reasons I write this blog). I wear a few other hats like actor, consultant, and mentor. It all depends on the time of day, day of the week, and the project I'm interested in.

In closing, I do have some good news to report, After the Headlines will be screened at the Silk City Flick Festival, coming to Manchester, Connecticut, October 8 to 11, 2009. It's my first festival and hopefully not my last with all the entries I've mailed out this last month. If you live in Connecticut, please check out some of the films and support local filmmakers like myself. We really would appreciate it.

I have lots to do, some where in there I will find time to write, but right now I'm focused on the promotional stuff. The writing will come, it always does.

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Faron said...

Aaliyah, you appear in the short film that AOF put together about its fest! Check it out at