Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr Reflection for This Week

I've had a pretty good week. I want to say thank you again to all the folks who came to the first screening of After the Headlines (ATH) on Tuesday at Western Connecticut State University's student theater. PJ Moretti gave me a wonderful introduction. I was really nervous about showing the film and I'm sure it came across as I introduced the premise of the film and told the audience why I wanted to direct it. I know I said one to many ums. I'll try to work on that. After the introduction, I left the theater. I didn't want to watch and audience watch my film. I probably should have stayed, but I had seen it many of times. I think part of me was worried that people were going to hate it. I was wrong.

Grant it, ATH isn't the next Citizen Kane, I'll have to work up to that. Do I think the film could be better? Yes, but I will stop being so critical of myself (which I have been), because I can say I got it finished. Back in May, I had the great opportunity to meet Mira Nair, director of films such as The Namesake, Mississippi Masala, and Amelia (to be released this fall). She told our group that you have to push on and be proud of your script, film, or whatever work you produce, because most people don't do that. She also made the point that it is easy for others to be critical of films, plays, songs, or scripts, but if the artist gets it done, good or bad, they should be commended for finishing something they start.

To be honest ATH still isn't finished. I need to create a trailer, create a special features menu for the DVD, finish the artwork for the DVD, and the DVD case cover. When that is all done I can make copies for the cast and crew.

Due to my win at AOF, I have an agent who is interested in the feature version of the script. I need to get cracking on that, because it is going to be a lot more work. I'm shifting the voice from the mother to the daughter. That shift is going to require additional research on my part and I will have to give the story an enhanced plot. This will be my major writing project for the months of August and September.

In addition, I will continue to look for festival to submit the film in. Right now, I think I'm up to five. I won't worry about getting in to the festival, because that's not in my control. I have to look ahead and build on the good work I've done. The creative process doesn't end it just continues. Thanks for reading:)


Jeff Um said...

Great attitude Aaliyah. Keep pushing. You have been persistent and patient from the first day we were PA s doing corporate films. Everything that is being produced and done is a culmination of the years and experiences from that point. It's been amazing to have grown with you along the way. You are a dear friend. Believe it or not, you always inspire me.

ChaChanna said...

Congrats Aaliyah! I am so proud to know you. I can't wait til your work is on the big screen. Keep up the stellar work!

Dmitry said...

congratulations Aaliyah. Is the video uploaded anywhere to see online?