My Reflections After a Long and Hectic Weekend

Last week was like a flash of lightening for me. I was on the go until Sunday afternoon when the youth conference I worked concluded. The American Black Film Festival was great (wish I could have experienced more), but my main reason for being there was to attend the Nickelodeon Script Writer's Review and that alone made the 1.5 days in Miami, Florida a worthwhile trip. I'm pleased to report that the youth conference was also a good event. The lack of sleep paid off in the end.

The highlight of the weekend was the evening performance from Young Legends. Young Legends is a group of foster care youth with my agency's Bridgeport Division who write, dance. produce, and perform songs that reflect their thoughts and feelings on growing up in foster care. The four songs they sang were profound and inspirational.

I find Young Legends so inspiring because they are wonderful storytellers. They let me and an audience of about 100 people into their world. While their tales are heartbreaking at times, the fact that can "spit it out" aka rap in a confident manner illustrates that they will not let their hardships and struggles hold them down. They still see their opportunities. I admire their perseverance.

I began with this story about the Young Legends because reinforces how much effort is needed to maintain in this crazy and sometimes unfair world. I think most of us want to be successful and have good lives, but how do were get there if the odds are always stacked against us? For me I can say it takes countless hours or work, staying consistent, believing in yourself, and having a strong support system. In achieving my goals and dreams, I've always had a support system. It's been my mom, sis, family, friends, my finance, and some of my coworkers. When one group may have their doubts another is there to say yeah you can do this.

I think the support is so crucial to success. Keen advice and having people around you who look out for your best interest is also needed. I can't help but think of Michael Jackson. As talented as he was, who really had his best interest at heart. I think that is one of the tragedies in his death as well as other celebrities. It is so easy to slip and if you don't have the supports in order to catch you, the world can be a very mean and lonely place.

As I strive for my goals, I realize I still have such a long way to go in cracking the door or opportunity as a screenwriter. The competition is fierce. It's not just about being good. My writing needs to be exceptional. That's a lot of pressure, but in the grand scheme of things I know I can deal with it. Young Legends reminds me that people in this world have other pressures in life, some gut wrenching hardships that they may or may not be overcome. Their stories are just as important as the celebrity deaths that have bombarded mainstream media lately. More so, because they are still here among the living.