Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Realized...I'm a Social Networking Addict

Hello everyone,

I've missed you all, boy has it been awhile. My apologies. This blog is supposed to be a weekly to do for me, but I lost my focus trying to stay on top of my course work, updating my facebook, playing dotblu, following the passing of the stimulus package, that wretched octupulets mother (yes it is harsh but I find her scathing), the Chris Brown and Rihanna mess, as well as trying to stay informed on other current events and celebrity drama. Oy vey, I'm overwhelmed.

The reality is I have a problem. I'm here to tell you all the I'm addicted to social networking. Like many addicts I didn't see it coming. I thought I was going to on just a couple of times a week and then before you know it, I'm doing the damn thing everyday. Just one more post...I'm only going to check out one more album, then it's two, then three, and before you know it I'm on for about three hours. How did I get here? I don't know, but I'm looking for help to cut back on my addiction. I don't want to quit cold turkey, so I'm looking for methadone to slowly but surely to ween myself off.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a job, or wasn't working on my thesis, if I didn't have books to read and responses to write. This thing called life gets in the way of my social networking.

I can't wait to receive my next note from a friend, at this point I would read one of a foe. or have a life to live. If I didn't have such drudges I really wouldn't have a problem, but alas life never gives us what we want when we want it.

This may seem extreme but if I continue at the rate I'm going, I will be headed for disaster. Everything I've worked hard for these last two years, down the tubes. I can't let that happen, I have way to much work to do and not enough time to do it in. I'm going to follow the thinking of the fiscal conservatives and cutback. As of this blog I will begin self medicating, which means I will not respond to facebook comments, postings, or make updates until Sunday. I will go down to once a week. I will miss facebook, but for now I must be in rehab.

P.S. If you see me on before Sunday....tell me to get my butt off. Thanks.


ACW said...

Alas, I have been jonesing for my Facebook and it's only been about seven hours!

Great post!

Natalie said...

I think I may be addicted too!!.....lol No worries, there is hope for us both :)

ka said...

told you...... =)

Aaliyah said...

Thanks for the response fellow addicts and Karim.