Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inside Entertainment

Hello all,

I'm getting down to the wire, three days until "sound rolling....lights, camera,and action." I feel fairly calm with the production around the corner. I thought I'd be more antsy, but I'm not, maybe it's the calm settling before the storm. There is no doubt in my mind that my previous production and current events planning experience has come in handy. I'm trying to be as organized as possible, because when you get on set and are in the midst of production you see real fast where the holes in pre-production were. I'm working hard to try to minimize the holes. I know I can't do it by myself either. Filmmaking is a collaborative process ( some people tend to forget that point), there are no room for egos if you want to have a successful production.

Things are rolling along, yesterday I hit some retail stores picking up odds and ends for the set. I'm trying not to think about what this is costing me, if I did, I'd probably would have second thoughts. But than I think it is even more reason for me to make sure that After the Headlines comes out good. I don't want to be wasting my money and people's time. I would like this to be a stepping stone for me and others in the cast and crew. That's one of the reasons I searched out people I've worked with in the past. It's important for me to have individuals who are vested in the process and have a passion for filmmaking.

I really think I've lucked out with both my cast and crew. I guess I will find out for sure Friday night. Between now and then there is still a lot to do. My production coordinator, first assistant director, and I are still looking for props, cheap hotels for crew, casting extras, making changes to my shot list, and doing whatever else that needs to get done. The good thing is I have faith in my ability to do this and the people who have joined me for this ride. I know I wouldn't be able to do it without their talent and support.

This Sunday I met with a gentleman named Bill Hopkins, he's a writer/director/producer in New York City that coaches directors and actors. Jaye, my lead actress, works with him and set-up the meeting, (she thought it would be good for me since After the Headlines will be my directorial debut). Thanks Jaye!!! The meeting went extremely well. I took a bunch of good notes. Bill will gave me some good insight into what I need to do to manage the set and help the actors along in their process, which is going to be important since this is an emotional driven script.

On Sunday I also taped a segment on a local cable access show, called Inside Entertainment, http://www.insideentertainment.biz/ (the website is currently under construction). I was interviewed by Rob and Nick at Skye T.V. in Waterbury, Connecticut. The show was a lot of fun, not only did I get to plug my film, but I also spoke about my work as an actress. I'm looking forward to a copy of the show which I will eventually post...so stay tuned.

I'll probably post another blog the night before or after my first day of taping. Maybe I'll do both. Thanks for reading.

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