Monday, July 21, 2008

Second Week Done with One More To Go

How time flies. The second week run of the No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs is done. It's still hard to believe that I'm heading into the final week of performances. The cast and crew had another great run. There was one back stage mishap, but like professionals we pulled it off, because as they say, "The show must go on, " and as a cast we made sure it did. My highlight last week had to be the Saturday night performance, although I also must say that Sunday's audience really embraced the show. Don't think I'm speaking bad about other audiences who have come to see the play- I'm not. I'm greatful for every person who attends, it's just that some audiences feel the performances more than others.

I had a lot of people come out to see the play on Saturday, and that made me nervous, more nervous than I usually get. For the most part I just focus on what I need to do as my character, run my lines, and wait for Julia, the stage manager to say, "Places." However, this past Saturday night, I couldn't help but wonder if my friends would like the play, get the message, and think I can act. I find that family and friends can be one's toughest critics, which is why I try to be low-key when I'm acting in something or writing a script. The fear of reaction is real for me, while I know it can't stop my ambitions, it can sometimes be a stumbling block, if I let it.

I couldn't wait to take a bow Saturday night. It's the best moment, because that is when my work is officialy recognized. After the performance, I made sure to thank Karim, his friends, and last but not least, my girlfriends for their attendance. Everyone congratulated me and told me how much they enjoyed the play. That was nice to hear.

This blog wouldn't be complete if I failed to mention on Friday evening and hour before the show I got hit by a New York City yellow cab. The cab driver was in a lane to go straight. I was in a turning lane. Of course without any signal he decides to turn right with me and pins me into the curb. Police officers where quick to the scene since they were giving parking tickets right on 38th Street, which is the reason I moved my car (I was already parked). I planned to circle the block until 7 PM when I could officially park. Oh well, now I have to deal with the insurance company and pray that it doesn't go on my record. I also need to call to get a copy of the police report. Isn't life grand? LOL.

Luckily, I have today and tomorrow off. If I didn't have a nine to five job to go to, a short article on film screenings in the NYC area to write, or the fact that I have to start thinking about pre-production of, After the Headlines, a short film I wrote, and will produce and direct this fall, I actually might be able to feel relaxed and catch up. No rest for the weary - something I will be saying to myself for a while. Rather than think about all the things I need to get done, I'll just focus on the things I can do - one at a time of course.

One more week to go. It's going to be bitter sweet.

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