Friday, June 13, 2008

Verdict in: R. Kelley Not Guilty

Although I am not surprised, I still have to say I'm disgusted by the not-guilty verdict for R. Kelley. I hope that I'm never arrested, but if I am, it better only be for political reasons. If I wind up having to deal with our judicial system like many folks of color, my only hopes of staying free while charged and avoiding years of hard labor in lock up is having a bank account with zeros that seem to never end. It's no secret that money buys justice in the United States.

R. Kelly was quoted as saying the following in Jennifer Vineyard's article, "Robert has said all along that he believes in the system, and he believes in God, and when the facts would be presented in court, he would be cleared," Kelly spokesman Allan Mayer said afterward. "He did not expect it to take six years. This has been a terrible ordeal for him and his family. He wants to move forward and put it behind him. He thanks his fans, and he thanks God. He'll have more to say very soon, but right now, he needs time to be with his family."

Now R. Kelly can focus on reclaiming his title as the "King of R&B," and his supporter can go back to buying his records and seeing his shows. I never went to an R. Kelly concert and never will. I won't see hear and say I'll never listen to his songs, but when I hear them I'll always think about this case and his trial. I saw the video and still believe him to be guilty, but like OJ he's a free man. Articles on the web also indicate that prosecution's witnesses were weak, which gave the jury reasonable doubt. In essence the case had a lot of flaws from the beginning and R. Kelly benefited from all of them.

There's a saying that a "leopard doesn't change its spots," if your like me and believe that saying, you know that perverts, pedophiles, and molesters offend until they get caught. Time will tell and in the meantime life goes on.

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