Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where I'm at

I'm not as far behind as I thought I would be, but I've still have to do a better job of cuttting out the television. Monday night wasn't good. Major relapse. I watched six episodes of season four of The L Word. I didn't go to bed until 1 a.m. No work was done that night, and when I got home the following day, I was to tired to work. I know it may seem like I haven't made progress but I'm heading in a better direction.

I've made a list of the assignments that I need to focus on in the next couple of weeks. I have two assignments due on February 4, 2008 and I'm going to make those my major focus this weekend, along with some work on my outline for Finding Patience. Tonight when I get home, I'll be putting together another scholarship application and it will go out first thing in the morning. Probably before I go to work. I've written assignment deadlines in my calendars and will schedule my work according to when things are due. I'll always have to read, so I have to make time for it every day. I've not yet Incorporated the couple of hours a night into my schedule. I hope to get that ball rolling this Friday. Wish me perseverance.

I really have to cut ties with television if I'm going to maintain my focus on my workload. While I'm watching my godson on Saturday, I'll be thinking about what my thesis prospectus is going to be. I still can't believe I'm halfway through the writing program. It would be nice to be able to stop the clock, but that's only wishful thinking. Some say there is no rest for the weary, I believe that's true, but in my case I would also add, there can be no T.V viewing or mindless gossiping when there's work to do and deadlines to meet. I have to constantly remind myself "it's my buns on the line." I'm sort of thick headed and have to be told things a few dozen times before it sinks in.

That's where I'm at. How about you?

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