Friday, January 11, 2008

Personal Statements

Happy Friday. I'm so glad the weekend is here, even if it looks to bee a gloomy and rainy one. I like the fact that I get to sleep in that, although in my college days I wouldn't have considered 9 a.m, sleeping in late. It would have been more like 12 noon or 2 p.m., depending on how much I partied the night earlier. I guess it's good that the days are behind me for the most

The semester has yet to begin and I'm finding myself busy and already rushing against deadlines. Earlier this week I found two scholarships that I'm going to fill out applications for, and one's deadline is next Tuesday. I've been struggling to write a personal statement/essay for the application. I really have to give it to writers who write their memoirs. It's hard enough to write a fictional story or non fictional work, but I think it takes a special kind of person to look at themself and their family experiences, and expose hardships, personal demons, and family skeletons, for all to read. It's difficult stuff, and I have to do it for this application. Grant it, it's a much smaller scale then memoir, but I find it hard to look at who I am and write about the experiences that got me to where I am, while also articulating where I want to go. I have to get it done, so I'll figure it out. I think my best bet is to free write and see if any of my thoughts eventually lead me to answering the question on the application.

I also need to get the holds off my West Conn account so I can get my transcripts. I hate bureaucracies, everything thing takes forever to get done. This week I paid my balance, so hopefully that's not an issue with Registers, but I better call to make sure. I also had to get a physical since I'm a full-time student. I wasn't aware of that. I had to make a last minute appointment at a medical walk-in center, because my general doctor has retired and I'm still looking for a physician who's in my network. Dealing with health insurance sucks!

Luckily I can send my transcripts and recommendation letters separately and they don't have to be postmarked until 1/22/08. I have a little bit more time and I need it, because I doubt the hold on my account will be resolved by next Tuesday.

I also need to work on my syllabi's for my courses and lets not forget revisions of Finding Patience and a beat by beat breakdown of the scenes. The work has begun and the semester has not even started. So long T.V shows, nights out with friends and other leisure activities.

On the upside, I won't miss that many new shows, since the WGA strike doesn't look it's ending anytime soon. Do you remember Beck's song, "Where It's At?," my answer is in the writing and hopefully one day on the screen.


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