Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a wrap for now

Hey Folks,

This past Sunday I had my second reading of Finding Patience. It went well, but I was disappointed by the audience turn out. Since it was part of the WestConn Literary Festival, I anticipated having most of the MFA students there to check out a fellow writer, but since I had my reading on the last day of the residency, most of the students were ready to get the hell out of dodge.

A select group stayed and I really appreciate those who did. I want to send out a special thanks to the following students and friends: Louisa, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Kirsten, Matt, Brian, Laurel, Allen, Vonda and her family, Mary Ann, Gillian, Agatha, Kim and her family, and my mom. I hope I didn't miss anybody, if so let me know. I would also thank those who gave me advance notice about not being able to attend: Mike, Deb, Paula, Carmen, Karim, Catherine, and Don.

Let me not forget the cast, especially those who traveled from New York City. You all did a wonderful job.

Now that the reading is behind me I have to look to making revisions to the script. Listening to the narration and dialogue, let me know two things: the first is that I need to lengthen the script and the second is that I have a few holes to plug in the story. My work in Writing in the Primary Genre is going to focus heavily on tightening the structure for the script. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but when Finding Patience is done, I want to submit it to a few screenwriting competitions and also query some agents and production companies.

This semester I'm going to be crazy busy. I see myself getting a few more gray hairs. I have a lot to accomplish between now and the end of the semster. I'm working on getting Lifetime Membership, a short film I produced with Lawrence King and others into some local and regional film festivals. I will also blog about my work on that, so stay tuned. I'm working on a grass roots effort, hopefully I can build interest like Richardson, Huckabee, and Obama.

I have a lot to accomplish in 2008 and like the presidential candidates I've got a lot at stake and like them I want my efforts and hardwork to payoff. I guess time will tell for all of us.


Ron Samul said...

Congrats on your reading and I am sorry I wasn't in attendence. Sounds like you are driven to get the best out of the program and it will pay off for you.

Be well.

Natalie said...

I must say congratulations on your readings. Sorry the second one didn't turn out the way you hoped for. I'm also sorry that I'm so far away and missed both of them, but I am with you in spirit. Keep up the good work, pray and don't give up. I know you can and will do the things that you have set out for yourself.

Love ya always,

Nat :)