Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the midst of tradegy

Hello Folks,

I'm cringing inside, the hell that consists of balancing school and job responsibilities has officially begun. My social life hasn't been that eventful, I've been mostly hanging out with Karim and catching up with some close friends. I've also been getting T.V. shows viewing in, I've watched season one of The Tudors, Deadwood season one and two, and the first episode of Entourage, season 4. When I start my required reading for the various courses, I won't have time for those guilty pleasures, not if I plan on getting any sleep.

Last semester I cut back, but I still found myself saying "I'll watch one show," and before I knew it I was watching three shows and to tired to read when I was done with TV. I love T.V but it does suck the life out of me, especially when it's a show I'm really into. Sometimes I tried to squeeze in my reading when I went to the gym, but I was only moderately successful. I also don't want to pull as many all nighters as I did last semester. When I'm tired I don't write as well and in the end I pay for it. This semester it would be nice if I can keep myself ahead and not rushing to meet deadlines at the last minute. I realize that it's my responsibility. I hoping that since I made a point to blog about it, that it helps me stay the course. Time will tell.

In other Connecticut news, the untimely death of two teens and one in critical condition, has devastated many in my "nutmeg" state. News outlets have reported that the fatal accident most likely was a result of speeding and reckless driving. This travesty has focused Connecticut's attention on the need rethink the driving requirements and penalties for young adults under the age of eighteen.

The attention this recent accident has drawn, reminded me of my own driving blunders during my teenage years, like these youth, I made poor choices, but luckily the choices I made only resulted in totaling two vehicles, not my own life of the lives of others. After the second collision, my mom made me in turn in my license and took me off her insurance. At the time I resented her action, but looking back my I can say that my mom did the right things. I don't know what makes teenagers think their invincible to the world around them. I'm glad I've out grown that way of thinking.

Damn, as I'm writing this I just found out Heath Ledger is dead, and it looks like prescription drugs may have contributed. Another talented, younger actor is gone. Last week it was Brad Renfro, who was known for his role as "turbulent youth" in the film "The Client," which also starredSusan Sarandon. I hate seeing talented individuals go at an early age.

Life is so precious and many of us don't realize that fact until it's too late. Writing the entry has put a few things in perspective for me. Although I may struggle throughout this semester, I'm working toward a goal, trying to make my dream of becoming a screenwriter/filmmaker a reality. Each day I'm granted is a day to work towards my goal and that is a blessing I shouldn't dismiss. I'm not always happy with the world I'm living in, but I know I'm not ready to leave it, so while I'm here I have to make the most of what time God has given me. I hope you do the same.

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