Wednesday, December 10, 2014

YouTube's 2014 Rewind

The holidays are still a couple of weeks away, but the folks at YouTube are already out with their 2014 Rewind. The video gives the viewer a nice little highlight of 2014's "pop culture" buzz. Considering most attention spans these days, it feels a bit long, but the music and celebrity cameos make it fun to watch.

Instead of a rewind I tend to be more reflective about the activities in my life and the impact they have. I look for the game changers. However, I like the YouTube 2014 Rewind approach because it reminds me to keep it fresh, fun, and that some good things did happen in 2014. Besides, we can always use some entertainment and a good laugh. 

When I rewind 2014 here are a few of the moments I really enjoyed:
  • Adopting Billy
  • Getting a new job with Aetna
  • Receiving my second masters from Gonzaga's Communication and Leadership Program
  • Publishing my thesis, "A Post-Feminist Look At HBO’s Girls: A Critical Analysis of Character, Career, Gender, and Sexuality"
  • Being there for my bestie Tara when she welcomed Alex, her first child to the world.
  • Traveling to England to attend my cousin Kamille's wedding and catching up with family there.
  • Traveling to Paris to spend quality time with Jens and Coco and catch up with family there.
  • Attending the U.S. Army v.s. UCONN football game at Yankee Stadium
  • Fasting with Karim and seeing the Mets play at Citifield (my first time in the baseball stadium. After the game we saw a free concert by Huey Lewis and the News. Shout out to the 80s rockers!
  • Taking cooking classes at Kitchen Gadgets and Beyond. Shout out to Groupon!
  • Hosting our "End of Summer" BBQ
  • Taking my godsons to Six Flags New England
  • Watching the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica
When you rewind the year, what are some of your favorite moments?

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