Friday, October 24, 2014

Addiction: Everybody Hurts

"You can a lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." When it comes to addiction, I've learned that you can't even lead the horse to water. Recently, an individual close to me has relapsed. He/she lost their job as a result of going back on drugs. When you find drug paraphernalia hidden among their personal items, it isn't theirs. Drug addicts live in a world that is built on a foundation of lies. They lie to themselves about their addiction, after all it wasn't going to happen to them. When he/she finally accepts their dependence on a drug, he/she goes to great lengths to hide the addiction.

I've seen and heard a plethora of stories about addiction. It's the problem that happens to other people until someone close to you falls victim.

You can only hide it for so long before the drug catches up with your body, behaviors, and actions. The addict doesn't accept this notion. He/she thinks they can lie their way out of any situation. It's both sad and disturbing to watch, especially when the addict refuses to seek help. How do you help someone who doesn't want to help his or her self? There are no easy answers or easy choices.

I don't believe in enabling a drug addict by giving him or her a place to stay so he or she stays off the streets. The reality is he/she will still use the drug. Why make them comfortable? As much as it hurts to kick the person out, the reality is he/she probably should be on the streets, but I also recognize demonstrating tough love hurts.

I'm a firm believer that at the end of the day the addict has to want to quit. The high from the drug can no longer dominate over everything in that individual's life. What does it take to get there? The answers vary. A lot of people in the addiction community say you have to let a drug addict hit "rock bottom." It is only then when the individual may find redemption that is if he/she doesn't OD first. You just don't know. You hope. You wonder, You wait. You pray.

Addicts don't just hurt themselves, they hurt their family and friends. Everybody hurts.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Already October

I don't know about you, but September seemed like a bit of blur to me. Maybe that's because I spent 13 days of it on vacation and when I returned I transitioned into a new job.

My new job transition is going well. I'm loving my commute. East Hartford to downtown Hartford is about 20 minutes depending on traffic. While I love audio books on CD, I will no longer need them because I'm spending two hours out of my day on the road. Holla! Working closer to home is also nice because I get to see my Billy and hubby that much sooner.

I do like this time of year, especially when a few warm days make an appearance, but it also serves as a reminder that winter is coming and I'm not talking Game of Thrones (I am looking forward to the next season). Winter is my least favorite season. I hate the cold. You would think I'm used to it having lived in this region my whole life, but I'm not. The snow is okay. I actually like to go sledding and make a snow angel every once in a while. However, no snow balls at me head please and when I have to drive in it, not so much.

Rather than dread the winter season to come I will focus on the now. The now is pretty sweet. I have a new job, in a new industry and find myself surrounded by a new team of interested and talented people. I'm looking forward to growing in the role and with the company. Orange, my favorite color, I mean my signature color is in full effect. I love it! It works well in the summer but there is something about the fall and how is blends with the red, yellow, and brown that I really dig.

I also love that October is the beginning of pumpkin everything. Whether you crave breads, cakes, muffins, lattes, pies, soups, raviolis, ice cream, pudding, or something I may have missed, you'll be sure to find it during the next two months. I welcome October. I'm going to embrace it, because before I know it, "lady winter" will be here.

Here are a few pics showcasing how I'm owning the fall season.

My porch pumpkin came from Botticello Farms (locally owned).

The living room has a touch of fall.

A delicious pumpkin pie from Roger's Orchard