Friday, April 25, 2014

Seasons of Love When Tragedy Strikes

All day I've been hearing and reading the sad news about Maren Sanchez, the young, and talented high school student that was stabbed to death and died early this morning. It seems that the news story has gone viral and many people are shocked by her death and the violent action that lead up to it.

According to news reports, she was stabbed multiple times by a 16 year-old student that was allegedly rejected by her for the prom. The prom was scheduled for tonight, but the school canceled, rightfully so. 

I have to reserve judgement because all the facts aren't out, but my initial gut feelings are sadness and anger. Sadness because she had the whole world ahead of her. She was in the Honor Society, played team sports and was well-liked by her fellow students. I'm angry because, allegedly, a young man used violence to deal with rejection and as a result a young women's life is gone. I will reserve judgement for know, but there is a bigger conversation about violence against women that needs to take shape.

This blog post was initially going to be a Flashback Friday video highlighting Rent's Season of Love theme song. I heard it earlier in the week and the song has been resonating with me. When we hear about tragic stories like Maren's, I think society's gut reaction is to get angry, seek vengeance and demand retribution. I understand that reaction but don't think it's helpful and it won't bring her back. Considering the state of affairs, the message from Seasons of Love, should never get old. It's a message we need to reinforce and reinforce and reinforce.

Spread the love, spread the word and be kinds to others.

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