Friday, October 25, 2013

The Tillinghast Nightmare Premiere Movie Screenings

Halloween will be here before we know it. Did you know the holiday originated in Europe ad was brought to the United States by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland? Don't believe me check

This time of year you'll find many people embracing  creepy and scary allure of the holiday. There are haunted houses, fright nights and if you turn on your TV, your sure to find a classic horror film on one of the cable networks, not to mention trailers for horror or thriller themed movies now at the box office. 

In the world of indie cinema we have a team of talented and creative Connecticut artists ready to make the most of this Halloween with their premiere screenings of The Tillinghast Nightmare, directed by Alec Asten. The documentary film is based on seven members of the Tillinghast family mysteriously died in 1799. Through re-enactments, artwork and interviews with experts from different fields, The Tillinghast Nightmare makes surprising connections to give insight into the practice of vampire exorcism in eighteenth and nineteenth century New England.

Colonial Vampire's Invade New London
(Tim Bonavita, Magda Grover, Kat McNiff, & Amy Gott)

There will be four screenings of The Tillinghast Nightmare thanks to community support within the Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Screening Schedule:

October 27, 2013
Gardening Arts Center
325 State Street, New London, CT
7 to 9 p.m.

Signature Caption:
Signature of Stukely and Honor Tillinghast
October 28, 2013
Columbus Theater
270 Broadway, Providence, RI
7 to 9 p.m.

October 29, 2013
Jane Picken's Theater & Event Center
49 Touro Street, Newport, RI
7 to 9 p.m.

October 30, 2013
Mark Twain House & Museum
351 Farmington Ave., Hartford, CT
7 to 8:30 p.m.

“We are based in New London, so naturally we wanted our Premiere to be in New London. We reached out to the Garde and they were excited about having a fun event," said Magda Grover, producer on the project. “Especially with us bringing Dacre Stoker to talk about his Great Uncle, Bram Stoker, and how he was inspired to create Dracula based on "New England Vampire" accounts.The bonus was when we reached out to The Mark Twain house and they informed us that Mark Twain had actually critiqued Dracula to Bram so they partnered with us for the Screening Event. That was really fascinating.The legend is based in Rhode Island, we reached out to several venues in the state and were very pleased that Jane Pickens Theater and The Columbus Theatre both were interested and agreed to let us screen there. 

If you're looking for a fright night in New England I'm recommending The Tillinghast Nightmare screenings. It's not everyday you get to see a film written, directed and produced come to the screen! Don't miss it!

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