Monday, October 21, 2013

Back from Sint Maarten

Cupecoy Beach, Sint Maarten
I'm home sweet home and am glad to see our government saw fit to raise the debt ceiling although I still can't believe it came to the wire like it did. Hot mess. This post was meant to be a greetings from Sint Maarten, but I forgot to post while on vacation.

I can't believe my week on the lovely island of  is almost over. I'm kind of bummed about that. It was a relaxing week. I really enjoyed the down time with family and friends. It's only Monday and I already miss the laid-back and blissful vibe of the island, let me not forget their tasty Caribbean food, the people, the beautiful blue beaches, and last but not least, the weather (I love the hot sunny days and warm nights. This climate is great for my skin.)

Since I missed Friday's Flashback last feature week, here is a Monday recap that features the Oh Sweet Sint Maarten Land video and some of the photos from my trip. It was a very good vacation. Time well spent.

Shoreline of Cupecoy Beach
Balcony view from the Atrium resort.

My mom (in the middle) with her friends Agatha (left) and Sheila (right).

Sunset at the Simpson Bay resort.

Enjoying my coconut water.

Sint Maarten country side

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