Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Flashback Music Video: Tupac's "Changes"

Last week's blog post received some positive feedback. Thanks for the email comments but I much prefer to see them in the comment section, hint...hint. My older sister Dawn also recommended I call it Friday's Flashback. I like it. Moving forward that's the new title for this feature.

This week's video feature is Tupac Shakur's "Changes." This track was recorded in 1992, that year I was in eighth grade. This is one of my favorites from Tupac because he drops some serious "food for thought," with a smooth flow. Today, I can listen to this song and think about how much has changed, but I can also see what hasn't. While we do have a black president, the issues of  poverty, racial profiling, black on black crime, and discrimination are still prevalent in black urban communities across our nation. People are still struggling day in and day out and all our politicians can seem to do is offer budget cuts to federal programs that help our impoverished citizens as solutions. Cities that come to mind our Chicago, D.C., Detroit and my very own Hartford, Connecticut.

We need to do better and we can do better. The changes we want to see are the changes we have to make. Thanks for the reminder Tupac. RIP!

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