Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ready for the Final Potter Film, But Not in 3-D

I've been in Baltimore all week. It's been a long week for me. Finally heading home tomorrow. YEAH! I'm looking forward to being home this weekend. I miss my husband and the activities that usually make up my at at home routine. I'm also ready to see J.K. Rowlings' final Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two. It's still hard for me to digest that this is the last one. I've really enjoyed the series.

The last film has probably been on my mind for about a month. Last week, the hubby and I talked about going to the screening at midnight. I was ready to be a part of Harry Potter mania until I remembered I wasn't going to be home.

I will still be part of the mania in my own way. Karim and I will see it on Friday night when I get back in town. I'm counting the hours. We decided not to see it in 3-D. Karim is not a fan of Hollywood's gimmick to get people back into the theaters and neither am I. I'm sure you noticed that pretty much any high-concept action movie is shown in 3-D these days. I saw Transformers:  Dark of the Moon in 3-D last weekend and thought the extra cost for 3-D wasn't justified. Luckily, I used a gift card to my local Rave theater. To date Avatar is the only film that has been a worthwhile 3-D experience with the ticket price.

Today in my media scans I came across an article where Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom, said "he dreaded the 3D version of the last installment.View that article here. The Baltimore Sun blog, Mike Sragow Gets Reel also echoes the 2-D sentiment.  The Harry Potter fans Mr. Sragow has talked to prefer to see the film in 2-D. Check out the comments at the end of the blog. Many aren't kind.

If you plan to see the final Potter film I encourage to pass on 3-D, but if youdo still plan to see it in 3-D despite this blog, let me know your opinion of it in the comment section. Have a Potter weekend.

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Karim said...

I partially disagree. Animated movies such as Up work very well in 3d; because they're rendered it doesn't look bad. However I agree about normal movies that aren't shot with the special equipment needed to do the depth properly.