Friday, November 12, 2010

Revise, Revise, Revise

Hello all,

This weekend my task is to revise my feature length script Finding Patience for the six or seventh time. I'm not quite sure, but every time I revise a script it feels like a never ending process. That's probably because it is in some respects. I will keep this entry fairly short because I need to get cracking on it asap if I'm to finish act two and three of the script and have it emailed to my mentor come hell or high water Sunday night or maybe even early Monday morning.

The devil is definitely in the details. Lately, I've been procrastinating.  I know it isn't helpful to my writing process. I use procrastination as a creative crutch, but if I am to be the writer I know I can and need to be I have to break free of it. This blog entry is my kick in the butt to get to work. 

It's not easy to go back to a script and analyze what went wrong. It isn't easy to find pick out the exact page where your protagonist lost her way and her story arc hits a wall. Keeping a story engaging is hard work. In a few short hours I will be up to the challenge of figuring all that out. I'm going to do my best to push through.

I've heard a lot of screenwriters say that it's the rewriting process that shapes and enhances a story. Screenwriting is a craft that must be honed. While I know this to be true it is still hard to embrace the practice, but I will try. I have the coverage as my guide and and very much want and need to get through this next revision. So for me my mantra is revise, revise, and revise. No excuses.

I will check in on Monday and let you know how the weekend turns out.

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ChaChanna said...


I totally understand procrastinating with writing. I am not revising a script, I am in the process of revising and updating my book. I have been putting off for about a month but this week I just decided, like you have this weekend, to just get started already.

And you know that once you get into it everything seems to flow and you are making progress. But first, you have to get started. Good for you for committing to getting it done this weekend. I'm sure you will meet your deadline.