Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Unbliss

Lately, I've been tired. Too tired to do things I should be doing and when I am working on something, I'm hustling to get it done. I'm in reactive mode instead of proactive mode. It's not a good place to be because, my creative output is low. I really don't like feeling this way, but since I control my destiny, this is my own doing, I'm not sure how I got so off track.

When I talk to folks, people are asking how I'm coming along with the wedding. I smile, and tell them things are moving along and they are. I finally have the invitations mailed out. Getting that task done was like lifting a boulder off of my back. I had my first fitting of my wedding gown, my mom and two of my bridesmaids, Catherine and Matie joined me. It went well. I felt good in my dress. I continue to check off tasks on the to-do list which is great, but the wedding celebration bliss I expected to be feeling isn't here at the moment. It's more like a Wedding Unbliss.

I don't know if it is because I'm in a creative funk and that funk is trickling into other areas of my life. Is it that I have to much on my plate and I can't enjoy the moment? I have questions, but no firmative answers. It helps to get this off my chest. Now I need to think of ways to rejuvenate the feeling of wedding bliss and enjoy the moment. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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