Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Attitude

It's cliche, but Happy New Year. At the moment I'm not that happy, I would be in a much better place if the temperature was about 20 degrees higher. I dread winter season. When it is close to 0 or below I lose my motivation to do just but anything. The one upside I have is the cold winters offer me the great opportunity to write. Now, I just have to take advantage of it. 

This morning I wrote my am journal entry also known as my "morning pages." By the end of the entry I realized that 2010 is my year to step up my game both personally and professional. For me stepping up my game means continuing to be diligent, more focused on my writing, receptive to correct criticism (this is a life long goal), and seeking opportunities to challenge myself and raise the bar. It's not too long of a list, but when I think about all the tasks I will do to accomplish this, I feel the ton of bricks I'm actually carrying. It's a lot of work, but in order for me to grow I have to dig deep.

I also have to remember to be kind to those who love and support my efforts. It is easy for me to take out my stress on those who are closest to me. I don't know why it is easier to yell at the ones you love versus a stranger, but I realize I will need to do a better job of checking my attitude at the door when it comes to my family and friends.

Right now, everything feels fresh. I have a new attitude for the new year, but the freshness I feel today along with my positive attitude needs to be sustained a week, a month, and a year from now if I plan to make progress. I know I will face setbacks, rejection, and have moments when I want to throw in the towel, but when despair sets in, I have to remind myself of this blog entry and the laundry list of things I want to accomplish in 2010.

This evening I start with a three-hour stint of reading and writing at the Silas Bronson Library. 2010 is a new year, I'm coming to the table with a new attitude, and I must take new actions to move myself forward.


angela said...

Good luck, sound like you have the right attitude! happy 2010

Aaliyah said...

Thanks Angela!!