Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taking Stock During the Holidays

It's been a while, yes I know. Things in my life have been a little hectic. I should have joined the circus, because for the last couple of months it seems like I've doing a lot of juggling. I'm still adjusting to married life, which is different, yet the same. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, not in an official sense, like going to church, but I do appreciate the holiday season.  After Christmas, I will take some extra days off of work to catch up on the personal life stuff. This will be my perid of "taking stock." At the end of the year I like to look at where I am, versus where I was a year ago.

2009 was a good year for me. I've grown in so many ways and finally feel like I'm making progress as a screenwriter. I say that despite the fact that I received my rejection email from the ABC/Disney Screenwriting Fellowship yesterday. I'm bummed out by it, but I realize that the program is highly competitive. I will have another chance to apply next summer, God willing. Next up, is the Nickelodeon Screenwriting Fellowship. This fellowship is also highly competitive, so I have to come with my A game, which means I'm really going to have to delve into writing mode and pump out a couple of spec in the new year. It is going to be grueling, but it will have to be done.

After the Headlines (ATH) is almost done. I'm really in the home stretch. I picked up the final mix of the film and trailer Monday night. I'm just waiting for some changes to the DVD case cover and then I can get copies made for cast, crew, friends, and supporters. I'm glad to be done with this part of the production. I really didn't envision it taking this long, but that's what happens when funds are low, and one has to take a piece meal approach to the project. I learned an important lesson. Don't start the project until Ihave the funds in place and map out every potential set back. ATH has been submitted to about 30 film festivals and counting. In 2010, I hope to promote the film at some of them. However, time will tell.

Plans for the wedding celebration slated for September 24, 2010 will  beging to kick into high gear. I have a wedding dress, a lovely wedding dress. Thanks mom, (she bought it for me). This weekend I will meet with my bridesmaids to select their dresses.

Earlier this week, I found out that Maria Karolidis, a former classmate and highschool friend passed away. She was 31 years-old. Life on this planet can be cut short at a moments notice. Some of us may have signs, but some of us may be completely caught off guard when death offers the final curtain call. Everyday I wake I count my blessing, because as crazy as this world is, I know I'm privilege to be living in it. That sounds weird, but I think it's true.

As I continue to move forward I realize the imporatnace of "taking stock" in my life. The process allows me to see what I have achieved as well as remind of what still needs to be done. I wish all of my readers and followers the very best this holiday season and in 2010. Don't forget to take stock in what is important to you.